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"We love life, whenever we can ..." *

How do we visualize places where we are not? What role do the mass media play in this? I have explored these questions in numerous projects (including True stories from Baghdad, That’s what we see from Palestine - daily fresh at dinner time, TV WARS, Guantánamo, and Sehnsucht [Yearning]). As part of the project Tiempos de Alegría, I examine this issue within an expanded context. How does the picture change when one also travels to these places?

The initial successes of the revolutionary movements in Egypt and Tunisia not only sparked protests in many countries against the politics of their respective governments. In addition to this, people throughout the entire world rejoiced and celebrated along with them for a moment, irrespective of where they lived, as everyone could follow the celebrations on television and the internet.

The happiness reflected in the faces of people was an expression of joy at the possibility of still being able to alter existing power relations. This was perceptible in the enthusiasm for developing new utopias and attempting to implement them and was audible as the liberating laughter at jokes in which the powerful became the object of rebellious ridicule. In my installation I attempt to make this visible.

* A line from the poem by Mahmud Darwish