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TV-related Works

How we visualize places where we are not?

Night falling on Baghdad

Night falling on Baghdad (Hommage à Aouni Karoumi)

Silver gelatine print on aludibond, 88 cm x 112,4 cm, 1998

Wars presented as technological spectacles, the scrap iron of cars and buildings in ruins, refugee camps and people risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean or lost in inhospitable landscapes are the daily images on our screens. These images have been, since the nineties, the core of my work. What kind of images come to us and how do they influence our way to understand the world? For analytic purpose I take photographs of the television or computer screen and line them up. Through a selection process the sequence of the images reveal the methods and strategies of the media. Through the collection of oral stories, jokes, posters, banners, objects, books, videos and photographs in situ I am weaving parallel narratives that show other realities.

So, my artistic work is not only a documentation of wars, uprisings, victims of the conflicts or refugees, but above all a reflection on how we receive these humanitarian and geopolitical catastrophes in the hearts of our homes. As story-building tools, the mass media – mainly television and internet – are subject to analysis and critical revision.