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We are mourning for Carlos Correia

Full of grief we have heard about the premature death of the artist Carlos Correia. Carlos Correia worked with us in two exhibitions Tiempos de Alegría and Tiempos de Desamparo, which were exhibited in Spain, Switzerland and Austria between 2012 and 2017. His contribution was very important for our project.

For Tiempos de Alegría, he contributed with two paintings: Untitled (LBD#006, 2012) and Untitled (AS#002, 2012). Tiempos de Alegría was an exhibition about the joy of the other in a political context taking as reference the Arab uprisings.

Carlos Correia

Carlos Correia’s works in the exhibition Tiempos de Alegría in Almagro, 2012

The exhibition Tiempos de Desamparo tried to cope with the consequences of the gone Arab Spring. Carlos Correia contributed with a painting showing visitors of the Louvre in front of Le Radeau de la Méduse of Géricault emphasizing the changed panorama in the Arab and European world.

Carlos Correia

We were very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Carlos Correia. His works were inspiring, and enriched not only our exhibitions, but also our view on the complexity of the political and social events as well as the historic background and its correlation. His death is a serious loss for us, and we believe also for the European art world.

Our condolence to his family and his friends.

We will keep him in our memory.

Monika Anselment, Berlin

Antonia Bisig, Berlin

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Sofía Jack, Madrid

Hela Lamine, Tunis

Gisele Ribeiro, Vitoria (Brazil)

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